Kevin has been my therapist for many years. I have suffered from extreme pain in various parts of my body. His treatments have always been successful and I am very greatful. He and his staff do an excellent job and the atmosphere is so pleasent. ~~ Frances H.

I was injured while performing my work duties at the fire department. I tore some ligaments in my knee and suffered two bulging discs in my back. Kevin and his staff were able to fully rehabilitate my knee without surgery ! My back also got much better. I am very greatful to Kevin and his crew for all of their help. ~~ Noel L.

When I came in for my first visit I had severe back pain that effected me in every area of my daily routine. Having completed physical therapy, I now have no pain and am able to take care of my mom, our dogs and of course myself. Thank you Kevin Snider Physical Therapy. ~~ Kathy O.

Before coming to KSPT my activity level was limited, I was unable to play with my kids without severe pain in my lower back. I came to physical therapy with an open mind that I needed to learn proper ways to strengthen my back and legs. Since initiating therapy with Kevin Snider Physical Therapy I am able to enjoy wrestling with my boys again. ~~ Dee T.

After knee surgery my doctor recommended therapy, I was hesitant. The staff at Kevin Snider Physical Therapy were so friendly that I actually started to look forward to my appointments. After 5 weeks my doctor was thrilled with my progress and I am back at the gym. I was actually sad to be done with therapy. ~~ Alice B.

When I first came to therapy I was very weak. After just a month at Kevin Snider Physical Therapy I am much stronger and moving around my house and yard much easier, Thank you. ~~ Dorothy T.

To be honest, I wasn't sure how therapy was going to work, but with the encouragement and guidence of such an incredible staff, how can we fail. ~~ Teri B.

When I had ankle surgery and began therapy the staff got me on my feet in no time. The knowledge of current methods and techniques were very successful in improving my recovery time. The entire staff has a wonderful sense of humor and passion for their work. I was able to return to work in my alloted time frame. ~~ Ron V.

I tore my knee up skiing this past winter. Before therapy I was in extreme pain, unable to sleep, unable to work. I was a mess! After therapy I was able to get back to all the things I loved. I went back to climbing ladders at work, playing with my dogs and running a few times a week. The staff at KSPT tought me that commitment to taking care of myself is important. ~~ Michelle R.